Seeking a New Job

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Looking to Change Jobs? Don't Make this Big Mistake.

Easily the biggest mistake people make when they decide to leave a company, is that they just do it. Now I'm not talking about individuals who work in a hostile work environment. By all means, get out as quickly as you can. I'm talking about the majority of employees who are dissatisfied with their job, recognize their current company isn't right for them, and apply to as many different places as possible because they want this situation to be over.

Unfortunately, this group of people rarely reflects on what's causing the dissatisfaction. Yeah, some people will say,"My boss is shitty," or that "the work sucks," or that "the hours are unbearable," but that doesn't help in the future. Understanding why they felt their boss was shitty, why they felt the work sucked, and why they felt the hours were unbearable, that's what will bring them a fulfilling experience at each new opportunity.

Avoiding a Series of Disappointment - Finding the Why