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Quick Tip - Screening for Overtime

Work late and finish the task or work until the schedule ends and pick it up tomorrow - these are the two stances a company can take in regards to overtime. On the surface, this choice seems minor, but the position a company takes on the topic, will have a significant impact on the overall culture.

Now I've noticed that most companies can easily define their position on overtime. The real issues occur when they try to hire around this belief, which is why I've put together this quick insightful article.

How to Ask the Perfect Interview Question

The Truth About Interviews

When people think about the interviewing process, they often remember how stressful it was for them - the interviewee. Rarely do they put themselves in the shoes of the interviewer. The reality is, this is a nerve-racking job. As the decisions made by these individuals can have a profound effect on the company. Adding to the stress, is the fact that many interviewers are not trained in this field. Personally speaking, when I've been interviewed, it's only been by a professional one time. The rest were either managers who oversaw my position or the owners themselves. This is extremely common as businesses with less than 20 employees, employ 86% of the United States' workforce.

Now a way to combat this lack of experience is with a strong hiring strategy that includes an arsenal of useful behavioral questions. But, of course, how useful is an arsenal, if you can't properly use the weapons?

95 Behavioral Interview Questions (Frequently Updated)

As an interviewer, your main goal is to determine whether a candidate will thrive or die in the position. This, of course, isn't always the easiest task. For starters, many applicants stretch the truth, or straight out lie. Not helping the situation, is the typically low caliber questioning that many interviewers use.

What makes behavioral questions so useful, is that they capture a person's past performance honestly. And as the old adage goes, "the best predictors of future performance are past actions." The only thing more important than a behavioral question, is a powerful follow up question.

Enjoy this list and check back often as we'll be updating them frequently.

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