Creating a startup is scary. Making the first hire for that startup is downright terrifying. The reality is, any investment at this stage can be devastating. And for many, this will be the first big investment you make, as well as your 2nd biggest leap of faith. Making this quite the combo.

The good news, most startup CEOs enjoy a good challenge. And believe me, this will be a challenge. You'll want to find the hire quickly, but that can be a huge a mistake. You also don't want to spend all your time searching for this employee. That will ultimately take you away from your main focus - growing the business.

The easiest way to find that balance and make a positive decision for your company is to understand what you're looking for. And what you're looking for is a person who that's comfortable being a
factotuman employee who does all kinds of work

There's simply no way around it - startups require individuals that can take on many roles, which makes finding someone with this quality so incredibly important. Consistency is just very rare at the beginning. So yes, you may need an accountant, but trust me, that will not be their only role.

How to Know a Candidate Has This Trait

If the person you hire is going to take on many tasks, the same is absolutely true for you - the owner. And one of the hats you'll be wearing besides CEO, is interviewer.

Now chances are, you are not skilled in this area, which can make the assignment that much more nerve-wracking. I mean this is a stressful task for professionals. Regardless, the key to calming your nerves is to be prepared. And to do that, I recommend collecting a strong list of behavioral questions.

Essentially these questions take a look at the candidates past actions. Past actions are vital because they are the best predictors of future actions.

Like all things, there's a right way and a wrong way. When asked correctly, you'll force the candidate to answer honestly. When asked incorrectly, you'll have a hard time distinguishing between the truth and a lie. To better understand this, you should read the article called, "How to Ask the Perfect Interview Question."

Why This All Matters

If you want your company to not only survive but thrive, you need to build a strong team. These first few hires will be the foundation to that team. And Attitude is everything with them.

If you hire someone that isn't built for this type of environment, they will end up fatigued or upset by the lack of work consistency. This will ruin morale and put the completions of multiple tasks in jeopardy. That's something these business types just can't afford.

The truth is, there will be trying times, even when you're growing. This requires people to go above and beyond their role constantly. If someone has the wrong mindset, it's all over. However, when you get that right person, only amazing things can happen.

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Article By: Tom Kieley

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