Tattoos carry a lot of different meanings. They can represent something significant or they can be silly. They may highlight a happy time or heal a sad moment. They can celebrate a life and honor the dead. And if you're a boss or hiring manager, they may also mean you have an incredible employee.

Now I don't have any tattoos, so I'm not trying to pat my own back. This is just something that I've observed throughout the years. I also understand this isn't the 1950's, and tattoos are much more accepted today. Regardless, there's still certain traits that are prevalent in tattooed individuals that make them excellent employees.


Ask anyone who doesn't have a tattoo, why they don't, and you'll get this answer 9 out 10 times - "I just can't decide. There's so many options, and I don't want to make a mistake." And it's true, the possibilities are endless.

However, despite this truth, people with tattoos have found a way to wade through all the options, land on one, and live with the decision. This ability is so unbelievably valuable, especially in an employee (or boss). Because let' face it, no matter how hard we prepare, businesses are filled with problems. And those problems can be handled with multiple solutions. You need someone that can wade through all the options, land on one, and live with the decision.


Do you know how long it takes to get a tattoo? The average tattoo takes about 5 hours, but it can certainly be longer (multiple days). To sit, there that long, while something stings you over and over again is mind blowing to me. But to them, it's worth it.

They understand that to get something worthwhile, takes time. This is such a useful mindset to have in business. The decision to make change is instant, but the ability to create change takes time. If they have a project to complete, they have the ability to grind it out until completion. They can withstand the pain of progress, and trait 3 is why.


Most tattoos come from a place of significance (some come after a few drinks). But kidding aside, people care deeply about their tattoos because of the meaning behind them. That's incredible. This person, moment, or idea means so much to them, that they're willing to permanently place it on their body.

If they find a company that respects them, contains their values, or is working towards something they believe in - they'll certainly use that passion every day. That's why if you're in the market for a new employee, people with tattoos are an excellent choice.

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