95 Behavioral Interview Questions (Frequently Updated)

As an interviewer, your main goal is to determine whether a candidate will thrive or die in the position. This, of course, isn't always the easiest task. For starters, many applicants stretch the truth, or straight out lie. Not helping the situation, is the typically low caliber questioning that many interviewers use.

What makes behavioral questions so useful, is that they capture a person's past performance honestly. And as the old adage goes, "the best predictors of future performance are past actions." The only thing more important than a behavioral question, is a powerful follow up question.

Enjoy this list and check back often as we'll be updating them frequently.

Behavioral Question Categories

Intelligence – IQ

    • How would you describe your learning style?
    • Tell me about the most challenging project you've ever been assigned, and explain what made it so challenging?
    • When placed in an unfamiliar situation, how do you typically react? Please answer with examples.

Logical Decision Making

    • How do you process data?
    • Describe an instance when you gathered data to make a decision. What was the result of that decision?

Common Sense

      • Which best describes you - a dreamer or down to earth? Why?


        • What was the most difficult problem you have faced over the past 2 years, and how did you over come it?


          • What role, if any, has education played in your career?

        Hands on Training

            • What hands on training did you find most beneficial to your career development?

          Knowledge of Industry trends

              • What industry trend do you think will have the biggest effect on our future?

            Knowledge of Current Events (Non-Industry)

                • What do you think the most important issue that our world is facing?


                • Verbal – If I was to talk to your previous supervisor, what would they say about you as a verbal communicator? Why?
                • Written Communication – Describe your written communication style.
                • Written - If I was to talk to a supervisor, what would they say about your ability to communicate through writing?
                • Technological Communication – What tech tools do you use in your communications?
                • Technology – Give an example where you used tech to achieve a business objective.
                • What is your philosophy in terms of running a business meeting?
                • How would you describe your personal brand?
                • If we talked to co-workers above, below, and on the same level as you, how would they describe your image?
                • Please describe your listening style.
                • When you have been asked to deliver the company message- either internally or externally, departmentally, divisionally, or company wide – what were the results of your delivery?


                  • Mission Driven – What is your currents company’s mission?
                  • Mission – How does your current role augment this mission?
                  • Mission – Describe your views of that company’s mission.
                  • Mission – What is your personal mission?
                  • Executer of Corporate Vision – What concrete actions have you taken in the last year that have helped your current organization to realizing its vision?
                  • Executer of Corporate Vision – In your opinion, what steps must be taken for an organization to achieve its vision?
                  • Bottom Line Focus – How do you measure ROI?
                  • Bottom Line Focus – What key metrics do you look at when considering a new projects implementation?
                  • Capable of translating corporate goal into reality   - What is your track record of goal execution?
                  • Capable of translating corporate goal into reality – Describe a situation when you were unable to deliver on a corporate goal. What was your reaction?
                  • Track Record – How do you think coworkers above, below or on the same level would describe your track record?
                  • Track Record – What was the low point in your career?
                  • Reputation – Describe your reputation
                  • Reputation – When a recruiter calls you, what achievement are they most interested in discussing?
                  • Change agent – When were you brought in to turn an organization, department, company, division around? What were the results?
                  • Eager to help others succeed – How would those you've managed or supervised describe you?
                  • Breed followership – How do you build consensus on your team?
                  • Self-Aware – What is your greatest weakness/strength? If I asked a manager your weakness, would they agree?
                  • Risk taker – What is the greatest risk you have taken over the last year? What were the results of taking that risk?
                  • Politically Agile – What was the most damaging political mistake you’ve made in your career?
                  • Capacity for building high performing teams – What steps do you take when you have a non-performer, mediocre, or top performer on your team?
                  • Integrity – Describe the last time your integrity was challenged. What was the outcome?
                  • Integrity – Have you ever refused to follow a corporate directive because of ethical concerns?
                  • Honesty – When was the last time you were pressured to be economical with the truth. How did you handle it?
                  • Resourcefulness- Describe a time you had to do more with less. What were your results?
                  • Resourcefulness – What has been your greatest career accomplishment?
                  • Customer Focused – When have you gone above and beyond to meet customer needs?


                    • Strong Delegation Skills  - Describe how you get work done through others?
                    • Does not push problems up the organizational chart – When is the last time you had to go up the organization chart in order to solve a problem? What was the result?
                    • Capable of managing to corporate goals – What business initiative were you responsible for over the past year? How was your performance evaluated based on these initiatives?
                    • Strong business Acumen- If I was to talk to the leadership team in your previous organization, what areas of your general business knowledge would they say you’d need improvement?
                    • Strong Business Acumen – In what areas of business knowledge would they say your greatest strength lies?
                    • Can Hire/Fire – Tell me about the toughest situation where you had to let someone go?
                    • Can Redeploy Poor Performers – Tell me a success story where you reformatted an employee’s job description so that they were able to be successful at a less demanding job.
                    • Can recognize and promote high achievers – Describe your track record with high achievers.
                    • Maintains a positive work environment – How would your peers below and above you describe your ability to create a positive work environment under any circumstances?
                    • Manages to individual styles – How do you adapt your managerial style to accommodate different personality types?
                    • Augments Management with Technology – How do you use technology to achieve your management goals?
                    • How would your peers above, below or on the same level as you describe your ability to provide constructive feedback?
                    • What has been your toughest conflict you have had to mediate over the previous year? Outcome?
                    • How do you get others to do what you’d like them to do without forcing their hand?
                    • What does it mean to you to have a commitment to diversity?
                    • Tell me about a time you misread a cultural difference and it lead to unexpected consequences.
                    • What was the last deadline you missed and why did you miss it?
                    • What are the steps of managing a project from start to finish?


                      • What do you love about your current job?
                      • What was your proudest career moment?
                      • On avg. how many hours did you work per week over the past year?
                      • Describe your most satisfying activity outside of work?
                      • When is the last time you allowed stress to cloud your judgment?
                      • How do you constructively deal with stress?
                      • Describe a time you used humor at work to defuse a tense situation or build unity on a team?
                      • Have you ever been criticized formally or informally when you thought that the reviewer was incorrect? What was your reaction?
                      • Describe a time you received a great deal of constructive criticism. How did you react?
                      • How much time have you spent over the past year commuting on a daily basis?
                      • Under what circumstances would you consider relocation?
                      • When has the last time you crossed your I’s and dotted your T’s positively effected the bottom line?
                      • When did seeing the big picture positively affect the bottom line?
                      • Describe a time when you personally or your team achieved a goal against all odds?
                      • When has money been a principal motivator for you to go above and beyond your responsibility?
                      • When have people been a principal motivator for you going above and beyond your responsibility?
                      • When have you gone above and beyond for an improvement in title?
                      • What was the most challenging business objective you have ever achieved?
                      • How do you maintain a high energy level at all times?
                      • Tell me about your organizational style.
                      • How do you like to be managed?
                      • Outside of work what is the toughest accomplishment you have ever achieved?
                      • What goals did you set for yourself last year? What were the results?

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